We manufacture, design,
encode, test, implement solutions
for some of the biggest car
manufacturers in the world

with a track record of 100% success in labeling solutions for RFID applications.


Number of RFID labels delivered
since 2023:

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One of the reasons for our success is the close partnership with the biggest global RFID tags and RFID self adhesive labels, Avery Dennison.

See why they chose us as an official partner.

Learn first hand about the newest techology from your industry from our partners.

Keonn provides system integrators
with the most complete, seamless and
advanced set of RFID solutions
to enhance the customer shopping
experience at retail stores and to track
and trace items at warehouses,
libraries, hospitals and other spaces.

Zebra Technologies is a global company
whose products are providing innovative
solutions in more than 100 countries
all over the world. Zebra is now a leading
brand in barcode printers and scanners,
RFID technology, handheld computers
and many more.

Avery Dennison Corporation is
a Fortune 500 multinational
manufacturer and distributor of
pressure-sensitive adhesive materials
(such as self-adhesive labels), apparel
branding labels and tags, RFID inlays,
and specialty medical products.

D3 Cyber is the premier destination for advanced cybersecurity solutions. D3 Cyber not only offers top-tier cybersecurity services but also empowers businesses with tailored solutions, ranging from security strategy & assessments, to cloud governance and team training.

Intuu is an advanced IoT cloud platform that leverages RFID & NFC technologies for real-time data exchange between brands and key stakeholders such as consumers and employees. Ideal for manufacturing, retail, and service sectors, Intuu transforms conventional touchpoints into enriched interactive experiences.

Cicada Technologies empowers businesses who want their employees to find passion in their work, by offering solutions created using the Design Thinking Process. Cicada Technologies does this by putting the users' experience in the center of the process, so that everything they need is just one click away.

Find out the labelling requirements and
standards for the major car manufacturers.


  • KR_00017_EN.pdf
  • TL_1010_EN.pdf
  • TL_52038_EN.pdf
  • VW_01054-en-2016-01.pdf
  • VW_01067_2017_EN.pdf
  • VW_01155_EN_2013.pdf


  • BMW_GS_97058.pdf


  • DBL_8230_2016-05_EN.pdf


  • Volvo_VCS_5051,17_2017_03.pdf


  • WSS_M99P41_A31_2018.pdf


  • VDA_5520_RFID_for_Identifying_Vehicles_V2_1_EN_September_2017.pdf
  • VDA-5500-basic-principles-for-rfid-application-in-the-automotive-industry-v1-2.pdf
  • VDA-5510-rfid-for-tracking-parts-and-components-v2.pdf


  • PSA_96_179_012_99_Ind_M-Etiquette_Identification_Faisceau.pdf

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